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D.T.Ed. (Urdu/Mar/Eng)
M.Ed. (Coming Soon)
WRC/APW 05117/125080/110/2008/47193

We started by burrowing a small seed of education in the year 1986 and today by grace of God our trust is expanding like a tree fully blossomed with flowers and fruits. It is our dream to make P.M.E.T. one of the main centers of education.

As part of our expansion of dreams, trust decided to start M.Ed. College. The graduates of our community have rare channels for professional qualification after their graduation provide them the opportunity to acquire professional qualification which can enable them to build up their career, the trust established the B.Ed. college.

This is a noble work that our trust has started for the welfare of our society. In sha Allah, it will continue the progress of education for upliftment of our society in all walks of life and make responsible citizens of our nation.

Yours sincerely
Dr. Narale Kisanrao Yashwant 

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